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The size of your home helps to determine how long it will take to clean. For move in/out please make sure to select the option in the extras section.

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It's all about matching you with the perfect clean for your home. Scheduling is flexible. Cancel or reschedule anytime.

Recurring service

  • Provide feedback for constant improvement
  • Cancel for free up to 48hrs before each clean
  • Awesome customer service
  • Minimum 3 cleans
$36 /hr
(20% off)
$40.50 /hr
(10% off)

Once-off service

  • Ideal for bond cleans
  • Try us out before subscribing.
  • One clean only
$45 /hr

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Pick a date/time you would prefer us to come. Our team will contact you if we are running late for any reason. Please note there is a 15 minute arrival window

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Help us help you! What other services are you looking for? These may not be included in the original quote.

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Where can our crew park?

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